Earn commission by referring people to the Vida network.

Get paid when people you refer spend or earn on the Vida network.

How it works

With Vida partners, Vida pays you a portion of network fees each time a person that you refer spends or earns on the Vida network. To start earning commissions, simply send someone a sign up link via your profile page or be the first member someone messages in the Vida app.

Once you refer someone to Vida, you'll start earning commissions any time they spend or earn across the Vida network.

Partner tiers

Depending on your audience size, your earnings have the potential to grow exponentially as you bring on more people. For partners with large audience sizes (Tier 2 Partners), you'll capture both a portion of fees from people you refer and a portion of fees from 2nd degree referrals.

Commission rates

It's still early and millions in commissions are available to be claimed across the Vida network. Currently, Vida is offering a limited-time 100% commission rate for founding members of the Vida Partners program.

Tier 1 Partners
1st Degree Connections
Tier 2 Partners
1st Degree Connections
2nd Degree Connections
Earnings are subject to Terms and Conditions of the Vida Partner program and may change over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

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